About us

Borislav Tomov

The Biomedical Engineering group conducts its research in close collaboration with the industry and a number of clinical partners.

We are also responsible for the Medicine & Technology program, a program offered in cooperation by DTU and the University of Copenhagen.

Our mission is to:

  • Give and maintain the education in Medicine & Technology at a high international level
  • Conduct research within biomedical engineering at an international level for the benefit of patient treatment
  • Collaborate with the industry to create creative research environments and industry relevant Projects
Name Title Unit Ph. E-mail
Matteo CesariPhD studentDTU Electrical Engineering+45 45 25 37 44maces@elektro.dtu.dk
René GadkjærEngineer AssistantDTU Electrical Engineering+45 45 25 36 84rga@elektro.dtu.dk
Carlos Armando Villagómez HoyosPostdocDTU Electrical Engineering+45 45 25 39 02cavh@elektro.dtu.dk
Mads OlsenPhD studentDTU Electrical Engineeringmadsol@elektro.dtu.dk
Rasmus Munch OlsenPhD studentDTU Electrical Engineeringramuol@elektro.dtu.dk
Thomas SamsHead of Biomedical Engineering, Associate Professor, PhDDTU Electrical Engineering+45 45 25 57 25tsams@dtu.dk
Mikkel SchouPhD studentDTU Electrical Engineeringmschou@elektro.dtu.dk
Matthias Bo StuartAssociate ProfessorDTU Electrical Engineering+45 45 25 39 01mbs@elektro.dtu.dk
Markus WaserVisiting ResearcherDTU Electrical Engineering+45 45 25 37 44mawas@elektro.dtu.dk
Jens E. WilhjelmProfessorDTU Electrical Engineering+45 45 25 38 86jw@elektro.dtu.dk
25 FEBRUARY 2018