Cellular Information Processing


In our Cellular Information Processing Group, the focus is on communication between cells. There is an excessive flow of information between the cells constituting the body and between microorganisms in the body.

We aim at understanding selected systems with focus on how local communication integrates into a global physiological response and address this with kinetic and physical models of the systems.

Examples of regulatory networks studied include: The aggressive collective behaviour of bacteria that can populate the human body; The stress response of cells to free radicals (peroxide); How Ca2+ dynamics and micro-domains are controlled and how they affect human physiology; The influence of microanatomy on signalling pathways between endothelial cells and smooth muscle cells in small arteries and how this contributes to blood pressure regulation.

The work is performed in collaboration with leading experimentalists at Cambridge University, University of Copenhagen, and DTU.

Our team is multi-disciplinary and represented at DTU by Associate Professor Thomas Sams and Assistant Professor J. Christian Brasen.

28 JUNE 2017