Available Student Projects

Below you can find projects offered especially to students in Medicine & Technology. Some projects are offered by hospitals, some by private companies, and others by the Biomedical Engineering Group at DTU.

Some projects may be designed for BSc students, some for MSc, but if you spot a topic you find relevant, you can always contact the supervisor to discuss your options.

Please note, that a few project proposals may be in Danish.

Think of the project proposals as suggestions or an invitation to debate - so feel free to contact us and let us know if you have been inspired.

You are also very welcome to stop by Building 349, on DTU Lyngby Campus, if you would like to meet potential supervisors and/or discuss project ideas of your own.

  1. A collaboration between the Department of Ophthalmology and the Biomedical Engineering Group
  2. Preclinical neuroimage analysis of the GABA-A receptor during development of Fragile-X Syndrome
  3. Heart treatment decision support
  4. What causes worsening of a retinal detachment? Head or eye movement?
  5. Brain Computer Interface (BCI) and Eye Tracking (ET) Systems as Assistive Technologies
  6. BCI controlled FES system for complete neurorehabilitation of post-stroke patients
  7. Drone control in 3D using Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)
  8. Image analysis of two-photon microscopy bladder cancer biopsies
  9. Biofilms treated with hyperbaric oxygen
  10. Biofilm properties
  11. Ex vivo studying the influence of Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP4) on cellular glucose metabolism and ATP level in pancreatic insulin producing beta cells
  12. Automatic detection of seizures
  13. Automatic detection of tonic clonic and clonic seizures
  14. Automatisk neuropsykologisk vurdering af kognitive evner med brain computer interface
  15. Styring af computer med hjernesignaler
  16. Topographic brainwave analysis for a wearable epilepsy alarm unit
  17. Comparison study of EMG measurement methods
  18. Development of an anatomical realistic carotid artery phantom
  19. Finite element modeling of the biomechanics in the human heart
  20. Advanced signal processing of brain activity – investigation of novel approaches to treatment of depression
  21. Cellular deformation in response to hydrodynamic stress
  22. Targeting cortical beta oscillations with EEG-guided brain stimulation
  23. Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy Technology
  24. Automated segmentation of collagen in electron microscopy images of connective tissues
  25. Microcontainers for oral drug delivery
  26. Image analysis of intestinal cell lines grown on soft matrices
  27. Immune cell migration in Multiple Sclerosis
  28. Analysis of generative neural networks within a probabilistic tumor segmentation method
  29. Tissue characterization using modern computer hardware
  30. Ultrasound blood flow visualization in 2-D and 3-D
  31. Ultrasound Imaging using Synthetic Aperture Sequential Beamforming on Row-Column Addressed Arrays
  32. Identification of Hot Spots in HER2 cancer tissue samples - project description confidential, click for contact information
  33. Artefact detection in whole slide images using deep learning - project description confidential, click for contact information
  34. Automated volume estimation of lymph node metastasis - project description confidential, click for contact information
  35. Faster R-CNN for nuclei detection and classification - project description confidential, click for contact information
  36. Machine-learning based heart device treatment - project description confidential, click for contact information
  37. Quantification of spatial patterns for biomarker cancer research - project description confidential, click for contact information
  38. Detection of the semi-defined autonomic arousal in sleep and analysis of its clinical application
  39. Detection of early biomarkers for Parkinsons disease
  40. Detection of early biomarkers for Alzheimers disease
  41. Detection and quantification of sleep microstructures in EOG signals
  42. Investigating cross-frequency couplings in brain circuits relevant in depression and schizophrenia
  43. Improved diagnostics of apoplexy by analyzing brain states
  44. Bærbart hjerteplaster til monitorering og analyse af sygdomme fitness eller rehabilitering
  45. Automatic detection of epileptic seizures
  46. Styring af computer med hjernesignaler
  47. Integration of longitudinal Sensor data for Monitoring Activity and Metabolism
  48. Integration of longitudinal Continuous Glucose Monitoring data with matched smart-phone Images of dietary intake
  49. Automatic detection of seizures based on polymodal recordings of video EEG EMG and ECG.
  50. High-performance Medical Image Registration in TensorFlow
  51. Creating highly realistic and versatile mesh models of the human head
  52. Microcontainers for oral vaccine delivery
  53. In vitro monitoring of allergic reactions
  54. Fabrication of biodegradable microcontainers for controlled oral drug delivery
  55. Microneedles for transdermal drug delivery
  56. In vitro monitoring of intestinal epithelial cells
  57. Quality assurance of lesion and White Matter Hyperintensity assessment in MRI
  58. Sound speed detection for early diagnosis of hepatic steatosis (fatty liver)
  59. Analyzing anterior segment optical coherence tomography images to improve corneal transplantation surgery
  60. Effects of menopause and high-intensity training on insulin-stimulated intestinal and liver glucose uptake determined by [18F]FDG PET/CT
  61. Xanthine Oxidase activity Biosensor for urine - project description confidential, click for contact information
  62. CMUT ultrasonic gravimetric sensors for volatile biomarkers in urine -  project description confidential, click for contact information
  63. Hijack biological nanoparticles to deliver anti-cancer and immunotherapeutic drugs to solid tumors
  64. Machine-learning based heart device treatment - project description confidential, click for contact information



14 AUGUST 2018