PhD projects

Currently, our group includes 12 PhD students and though projects are individual and multi-disciplinary, we enjoy many opportunities to discuss ideas, approaches and results within the group. Below you can find a list over current phd projects and recently completed phd projects.

Current Phd projects


Isabel Martinez Tejada
Characterization of Intracranial Pressure Signals
To be completed: 2021

Jihwan Youn
Deep Learning in Medical Ultrasound Imaging
To be completed: 2021

Rasmus Hvid
Modelling of Cardiac Biomechanics
To be completed: 2021

Mikkel Schou
Perfusion Ultrasound Imaging in 3D
To be completed: 2020

Kseniya Parkhomenko
3D Ultrasound Cardiac Vector Flow Imaging
To be completed: 2020

Tin-Quoc Nguyen
Measuring pressure gradients across stenoses in patients using transverse oscillation ultrasound
To be completed: 2020

Mads Olsen
Design of pervasive systems for chronic sleep/brain disorders
To be completed: 2020

Rasmus Munch Olsen
Development of continuous non-invasive monitoring for early detection and prevention of serious morbidity and mortality after abdominal cancer-surgery
To be completed: 2020

Alexander Neergaard Olesen
Biomedical Signal Processing for Improved Diagnosis of Sleep Disorders and Brain Disease
To be completed: 2020

Matteo Cesari
Design of Knowledge Driven and Data Driven Algorithms for Neurodegenerative Disease
To be completed: 2019

Thor Bechsgaard
Transverse Oscillation Ultrasound
To be completed: 2018

Ingeborg Helbech Hansen 
Interpretation of brain connectivity in CNS diseases for improvement of drug development
To be completed: 2018


Completed PhD projects


Tommaso di Ianni
Portable ultrasound scanning
Completed: 2017

Jonas Jensen
Fast Plane Wave Imaging
Completed: 2017

Adnan Vilic 
Early Warning of Acute Diseases from Portable Vital Signs Monitoring and -Interpretation 
Completed: 2017

Ramin Moshavegh  
Automatic ultrasound scanning
Completed: 2017 

Hamed Bouzari

Advanced 3D ultrasound imaging
Completed: 2017

Simon Holbek 
3D Vector Velocity Imaging
Completed: 2017

Andreas Brandt
Evaluation of new imaging methods in ultrasound imaging
Completed: 2016

Carlos Armando Villagómez Hoyos 
Optimal synthetic aperture duplex imaging  
Completed: 2016

Mehdi Ordikhani-Seyedlar 
A Brain Computer Interface (BCI) System for Neuro-rehabillitation  
Completed: 2016

Jacob Bjerring Olesen
Micromachined integrated transducers for ultrasound imaging
ompleted: 2016

Thomas Lehrmann Christiansen
Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer Arrays for 3D Imaging
Completed: 2015

Mariwan Baker
Improved radiotherapy utilizing 3D and 4D ultrasound imaging techniques
Completed: 2015

Julie Anja Engelhard Christensen

Characterization of early and mature electrophysiological biomakers for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's patients
Completed: 2015

Peter Møller Hansen 
Pre-clinical studies of synthetic aperture 
Completed: 2015

Morten Fischer Rasmussen 
Two Stage Beam Forming Methods for 3D Imaging 
Completed: 2014 

Dorthe Bodholt Saadi 
Optimal low power microelectronic implementation for single-use ECG arrhythmia detection device   
Completed: 2014

Mette Funding La Cour 
Micromachined integrated transducers for ultrasound imaging 
Completed: 2014  

Joachim Rasmussen
Non-linear SA Imaging
Completed: 2013

Jacob Kempfner
Early Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Completed: 2013

An Pham
In-situ Identification of Marine Organisms using High-Frequency Wideband Ultrasound
Completed: 2012

Jonas Henriksen
Prediction and detection of epileptic seizures
Completed: 2012

Jens Munk Hansen
Synthetic Aperture Compound Imaging
Completed: 2012

Ye Li
Synthetic aperture flow imaging using a dual beam former approach
Completed: 2012

Michael Johannes Pihl
3D Vector Flow Imaging
Completed: 2012

Isa Conradsen
Detection and surveillance of epileptic seizures with automatic multi-modal signal analysis
Completed: 2012

Sandro Bottaro
Protein dynamics simulations at millisecond time scales
Completed: 2012

Sara Matteoli
Diagnosis of heel pad injuries
Completed: 2012

Anetta Clausen
Experimental and theorectical investigation of signaling in Quorum Sensing of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
Completed: 2012

Mads Møller Pedersen
Vector flow with a clinical perspective
Completed: 2012

Marie Sand Enevoldsen
Computational simulation of stent-graft based minimally-invasive aortic aneurysm repair
Completed: 2011

Martin Christian Hemmsen
Image processing in medical ultrasound
Completed: 2011

Yigang Du
Non-linear ultrasound imaging
Completed: 2011

David Bæk
Calibrated modeling of ultrasonic fields using Field II
Completed: 2010

Klaus Scheldrup Andersen
Non-invasive ambient pressure estimation using non-linear ultrasound contrast agents
Completed: 2009

Henrik Andresen
3D synthetic aperture imaging
Completed: 2009

Iben Kraglund Holfort
Adaptive beamforming in medical ultrasound
Completed: 2009

Jacob Kortbek
Synthetic aperture ultrasound imaging
Completed: 2008 

Niels Oddershede
Synthetic aperture vector flow imaging
Completed: 2007

Fredrik Gran
Spatio-temporal encoding in medical ultrasound imaging
Completed: 2005

Jesper Udesen
Estimation of transverse blood flow using ultrasound
Completed: 2005 

Kim L. Gammelmark
Design and implementation of algorithms for improving synthetic aperture ultrasound images 
Completed: 2004 

Morten Høgholm Pedersen
New digital techniques in medical ultrasound scanning
Completed: 2003 

Borislav Tomov
Compact beamforming in medical ultrasound scanners
Completed: 2003 

Thanassis Misaridis
Ultrasound imaging using coded signals
Completed: 2001 

Svetoslav Nikolov
Synthetic aperture tissue and flow imaging 
Completed: 2001

Malene Schlaikjer
Development and characterization of algorithms for estimation of blood velocity with ultrasound
Completed: 2001 

Peter Munk
Estimation of blood velocity vectors using ultrasound
Completed: 2000