Available Student Projects

Below you can find projects offered especially to students in Medicine & Technology. Some projects are offered by hospitals, some by private companies, and others by the Biomedical Engineering Group at DTU.

Some projects may be designed for BSc students, some for MSc, but if you spot a topic you find relevant, you can always contact the supervisor to discuss your options.

Please note, that a few project proposals may be in Danish.

Think of the project proposals as suggestions or an invitation to debate - so feel free to contact us and let us know if you have been inspired.

You are also very welcome to stop by Building 349, on DTU Lyngby Campus, if you would like to meet potential supervisors and/or discuss project ideas of your own.



  1. Automatic detection and characterization of nocturnal eye movements
  2. Automatic detection and characterization of the transition period from wake to sleep (A collaboration between DTU and Danish Center for Sleep Medicine, Rigshospitalet, Glostrup)
  3. Automatic detection and characterization of sleep spindles (A collaboration between DTU, Danish Center for Sleep Medicine, Rigshospitalet, Glostrup, and Center for Advanced Research in Sleep Medicine, Centre de Recherche de l’Hospital du Sacré-Caeur de Montreal, QC, Canada
  4. Immune cell migration in Multiple Sclerosis
  5. Optimized NMR Imaging and post-processing Protocols for Assessment of Global Cardiac Function in AMI animal model
  6. Biofilms treated with hyperbaric oxygen
  7. Biofilm properties
  8. Cellular deformation in response to hydrodynamic stress
  9. Can the interval between first and second heart sounds be used as an estimate for the QT-interval?
  10. Transcriptomic characterization of in vivo-like model of chronic infection
  11. In vitro transport of insulin from microcontainers
  12. Imaging of chemical microenvironment of pathogenic biofilms
  13. Activity monitoring of infants and young children using EMG shorts
  14. Training of infants using eye tracking
  15. Pattern classification and recognition on motion tracking data of infants
  16. Creating a Baby-Kinect
  17. Sleep-Awake-Move in patients with Parkinsons disease
  18. Development of an anatomical realistic carotid artery phantom
  19. Finite element modeling of the biomechanics in the human heart
  20. Prototyping a new fluorescence microscope for long-term imaging of living specimens
  21. Electric therapy in wound healing
  22. Implementation of open-source tomographic reconstruction algorithm for preclinical PET data and comparison to vendor software
  23. Super-resolution imaging using ultrasound
  24. Role of Signal Processing in Eye Care
  25. ArtTribute
  26. BCI and Eye tracking for Smart Homes
  27. BCI controlled FES system for complete neurorehabilitation of post stroke patients
  28. Hybrid Brain Computer Interface Systems for Drone control in 3D
  29. EEG and TES neurostimulation
  30. Multimodal physiological timeSeries analysis for outcome prediction in the intensive care unit
  31. Real-time Automatic Detection of Atrial Fibrillation
  32. Real-time communication system for the disabled
  33. Advanced topics in computational and experimental biofluid mechanics
  34. Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy Technology
  35. 3D visualization of mummies
  36. Forensic age-at-death estimation using CT scanning of bones
  37. Modeling speech intelligibility in cochlear implant recipients
  38. Early reflection processing in cochlear implants
  39. Model-in-the-loop fitting of hearing-aid amplification
  40. Developing a continuous speech test for hearing assessment
  41. Microcontainers for improved treatment of biofilm
  42. A Real-time hearing-aid simulator for psychoacoustic experiments
  43. The Role of Fibroblasts in Atrial Fibrillation
  44. InstaPatch – Instantaneous monitoring of allergic reactions
  45. Fabrication of biodegradable microcontainers for controlled oral drug delivery
  46. Discovering new biomarkers for auto-immune diseases
  47. Identification of peptide ligands in drug delivery
  48. Immuno-backpacks – can they deliver drugs to brain cancers
  49. Microcontainers for improved treatment of biofilm
  50. Microcontainers for oral delivery of probiotics
  51. Microneedles for transdermal drug delivery
  52. Paper based sensor for the quantitative measurement of creatinine in urine
  53. Detection of the semi-defined autonomic arousal in sleep and analysis of its clinical application
  54. Detection of early biomarkers for Parkinsons disease
  55. Detection of early biomarkers for Alzheimers disease
  56. Detection and quantification of sleep microstructures in EOG signals
  57. Investigating cross-frequency couplings in brain circuits relevant in depression and schizophrenia
  58. Improved diagnostics of apoplexy by analyzing brain states
  59. Bærbart hjerteplaster til monitorering og analyse af sygdomme fitness eller rehabilitering
  60. Automatic detection of epileptic seizures
  61. Styring af computer med hjernesignaler
  62. Integration of longitudinal Sensor data for Monitoring Activity and Metabolism
  63. Integration of longitudinal Continuous Glucose Monitoring data with matched smart-phone Images of dietary intake
  64. Automatic detection of seizures based on polymodal recordings of video EEG EMG and ECG
  65. Follow-up functionality and user-friendly presentation of electroretinography results
  66. Investigating mucoadhesion of chitosan coated microcontainers for oral drug delivery
  67. Resonance in the cardiovascular system
  68. Sleep detection using in-ear non-contact sensors
  69. Hjernens dynamik under normal funktion og under epilepsi
  70. Pulse wave velocity estimation of blood flow in the carotid artery