Available Student Projects

Below you can find projects offered especially to students in Medicine & Technology. Some projects are offered by hospitals, some by private companies, and others by the Biomedical Engineering Group at DTU.

Some projects may be designed for BSc students, some for MSc, but if you spot a topic you find relevant, you can always contact the supervisor to discuss your options.

Please note, that a few project proposals may be in Danish.

Think of the project proposals as suggestions or an invitation to debate - so feel free to contact us and let us know if you have been inspired.

You are also very welcome to stop by Building 349, on DTU Lyngby Campus, if you would like to meet potential supervisors and/or discuss project ideas of your own.

  1. Projects within Biomedical Signal Processing
  2. Development of plastic antibody-based surface plasmon resonance biosensors for detection of serum proteins
  3. 3-D Ultrasound super-resolution with microbubbles
  4. Construction of a walled blood vessel phantom for ultrasound measurements
  5. Finite element modeling of the biomechanics in the human heart
  6. Finite element modeling of the coronary arteries
  7. High dynamic range blood velocity estimation for portable ultrasound systems
  8. Sound speed detection for early diagnosis of hepatic steatosis (fatty liver)
  9. Analyses of red blood cell movements in malaria-infected individuals
  10. Analysis of boost region movement during breast cancer radiotherapy
  11. Analysis of Handwriting via Image Analysis
  12. Analysis of optical coherence tomography angiographic images
  13. Analysis of Protein Colocalization by Image Cytometry
  14. Artificial Organelles for Enzyme Replacement Therapy
  15. BCI controlled FES system for complete neurorehabilitation of post stroke patients
  16. Biofilm properties
  17. Biofilms treated with hyperbaric oxygen
  18. Blood Cell deformability investigated by hydrodynamic and or optical forces
  19. Brain Computer Interface in Cognitive Neuro-rehabilitation
  20. Cardiac electrophysiology in isolated zebrafish larval hearts
  21. Classification based direct-to-reverberant ratio estimation for hearing aid applications
  22. Clinical Computation Model of Human Knee Morphology
  23. CT calibration for dose calculation on CBCT
  24. Development and psycho-acoustic test of hearing aid algorithm
  25. Development of a semi-automatic program for estimation of metabolite concentrations in in vivo proton MRS
  26. Drone control in 3D using VEP based Brain Computer Interface
  27. Effect of frequency-shifting hearing-aid processing on auditory steady-state response measurements
  28. Estimate short-term reproducibility of threat-related brain function assessed with fMRI
  29. Evaluating changes in same-subject multiple MR images over time
  30. Evaluation of CBCT for pelvic patients
  31. Fetal face model from 3D ultrasound scans
  32. Image analysis of two-photon microscopy bladder cancer biopsies
  33. Intelligent online classification and handling of artefacts in auditory evoked potentials using machine-learning approaches
  34. Modelling the stress response of living cells
  35. Neural encoding of auditory information during sleep
  36. Optimal surface region for respiration gated radiotherapy in breast cancer patients
  37. Optimization of motion correction of frames in dynamic PET molecular imaging studies
  38. Optimization of procedure for estimation of attenuation maps for PET pig brain images used in molecular imaging studies
  39. Point of care device for diagnosis of the critically ill patient
  40. Point-of-Care Hemolysis Detection
  41. Properties of a new bolus material in various patient relevant situations
  42. Quantification of MRI to CT registration errors in radiotherapy of cancer patients
  43. Quantification of normal craniofacial development using image registration of the inner ear in longitudinally acquired MRI scans of the head
  44. Raising the standard of chronic wound care
  45. Real time EEG control of auditory feedback
  46. Real-time Automatic Detection of Atrial Fibrillation
  47. Red Blood Cell Substitutes
  48. Robust Signal Processing Algorithms for the Extraction of fetal electrocardiogram
  49. Segmentation and analysis of the upper airways from CT scans
  50. Specificity of the musicians’ advantage in pitch perception
  51. Temporal fusion of fingerprint appearance
  52. The effect of concurrent radiation and calcium in three cancer cell lines
  53. Unraveling the composition of key protein complexes associated with human diseases in multiple organs
  54. Wireless 3D Ultrasound Imaging using Row-Column Addressed 2D Arrays
  55. Anvendelse af parallelle akustiske sensorer til forbedring af diagnosen af muskelsygdomme
  56. Dannelse af lyd som følge af muskelbevægelse
  57. Detection of the secret communication between bacteria
  58. Forbedring af sygdomsdiagnosen ud fra standard ESTiTM-score karakteristika
  59. High throughput image analysis of clinically relevant drug effects on organelle integrity in cancer models
  60. Image analysis of organelle shape to assess the potential of Cationic Amphiphilic Drugs as autophagy-targeting cancer therapy
  61. Low-power oscillator for transmitting signals to MR scanners
  62. Magnetic resonance imaging methodology
  63. Mapping regional and interregional brain oscillations during the perception of self
  64. Quality assurance of lesion assessment in MRI
  65. Ultra-high field carbon-13 magnetic resonance spectroscopy
  66. Ultra-high field phosphorus-31 magnetic resonance spectroscopy
  67. A centrifugal microfluidic platform for automated sample handling and quantitative sensing
  68. Catheter coating and interaction with urethra
  69. Cell models for oral vaccine delivery
  70. Cell on disc - centrifugal microfluidic platform for cell culture
  71. Development of a three-dimensional in vitro model for real time drug screening
  72. Emotion detection and emotional contagion to another persons pain
  73. Fabrication and characterization of pyrolytic carbon electrode
  74. Functional alignment of functional MRI data
  75. Inhibition of the motor brain area by classifying the response to the sensory stimulation in a real-time experiment
  76. Investigating methods for concurrent EEG-fMRI modelling
  77. Microcontainers for oral vaccine delivery
  78. Mucoadhesion of nanostructured polymer surfaces
  79. Pyrolytic 3D carbon scaffolds for cell replacement therapy and tissue engineering
  80. Scanning electron microscopy as mucoadhesion characterization tool
  81. Tissue on electrode - electrochemical methods for real-time drug release and permeation
  82. Urethra model for testing of catheters
  83. Implementation of Blood Velocity Estimator on a GPU
  84. Deep learning for segmentation of vessels in ultrasound
  85. Multicellular S-value calculation for monoenergetic electrons from 500 to 50000 eV
  86. Neuroimage analysis of Positron Emission Tomography images in Fragile-X KO mice
  87. Practical experience with electromyography measurements
  88. Ideal physical and biomechanical conditions in connection with eye surgery
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