The experimental ultrasound system SARUS is a platform on which new ultrasound imaging methods can be implemented and evaluated.

It is designed to consist of 1024 independent transmit channels and 1024 independent receive channels, allowing it to fully utilize two-dimensional ultrasound transducers. Currently, 256 transmit and 256 receive channels are available, so any commercial one-dimensional transducer (fitted with an appropriate connector) can be utilized for experiments.
The ultrasound scanner features a large amount of RAM for storing ultrasound data, facilitating the creation of cinematic sequences of ultrasound images. These are used in heart imaging and blood flow investigations.

SARUS has the capability to provide real-time images for live preview of the scanned area, using synthetic aperture imaging technique to achieve very high image quality. The change between preview mode and experimental imaging with saving of data happens quickly so that clinical trials can be conveniently implemented.

Up to 4 users can simultaneously conduct experiments using the SARUS hardware.